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Man working on conveyorWe specialize in being your premier OEM and MRO partner, concentrated on value-added solutions for moving parts and fluid conveyance.

Turn ideas into solutions with capabilities, services and custom products that meet your conveyance challenge.

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At Mi Conveyance Solutions, we believe success begins and ends in a solid, unified effort. That’s why our goal is to work as your partner – doing whatever it takes to provide the complete solution anywhere there are moving parts or fluid conveyance.

Latest Conveyance Resources

Chocolate Candy Lightweight Food Belt

Chocolate candy moving on white light duty, food-grade conveyor belt.

Eddy Current Belt in Recycling Facility

Eddy current separator belts are used to separate nonferrous materials, those that don’t contain significant quantities of iron, from other waste.

Heavyweight Belt at Aggregate Facility

Mi Conveyance Solutions offers a wide range of heavy duty conveyor belting for moving rock, sand and gravel.

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