How can operations get the conveyor belts they need when they need them?

Manufacturing lead times have increased because of ongoing supply chain issues. With restricted transportation availability and rising inflation increasing costs and expenses, access to conveyor belting can be a challenge. However, that doesn’t mean facilities looking for have to be left in the dark.

Meeting Conveyor Belting Needs During Uncertainty

Conveyor belting is no exception to the ongoing supply chain challenges, but implementing the five tips below could give facilities an edge over their competition:

1. Plan

Detect conveyor belt needs early and place orders as soon as possible. Identify specs and sizes used on several conveyors and in many locations throughout the facility, so you can purchase spare conveyor belting to cover them all. Read more about the benefits of creating a critical spare parts list »

2. Grow strong partnerships

Grow strong partnerships with your suppliers

Discuss conveyor belt needs and concerns with suppliers and request their guidance. Most suppliers will complete a survey or belt inspection for free – so ask for this too!

Loyal customers might be prioritized during periods when product availability is limited. Partnering with a specific supplier through all seasons is a good way to stay at the top during the challenging times.

3. See conveyor belting suppliers in person

Take time to visit supplier partners and confirm they have the inventory, capacity and capability to handle the facility’s needs.

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4. Research Alternatives

Know what replacement options exist if a needed heavyweight conveyor belt or lightweight conveyor belt is unavailable. Ensure quality is not compromised by comparing spec sheets and validating both belts through an independent testing lab.

5. Have a Backup Plan

While a reliable, primary belt partner is crucial, having a dependable secondary source is equally important.

Even in “normal” circumstances, one supplier probably won’t be able to fabricate the exact belt every time. There may be times the first choice isn’t able to meet demands.

Cultivating a connection with a second partner guarantees conveyor belting when its needed. Just be careful not to use the second source for breakdowns only.

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