Today’s business environment is continuously changing. Managing supply chain concerns while running a factory efficiently and meeting output goals has become very challenging. Learn how you can get the conveyance parts you need when you need them.

Start with a Critical Spare Parts List

It has never been more crucial to develop and implement a critical spare parts list for your facility, especially for your conveyance solutions needs.

When a conveyance part fails, even in the middle of the night, operations can’t wait. Emergency parts are a must. Whether you immediately require belting, pulleys, bearings, gearboxes or motors, the best case scenario is already having them in stock.

Conveyance pulley assembly in need of repair
BEFORE: Damaged lagging, a scored shaft and a failed bearing shut down a customer until a replacement pulley could be installed.
New conveyance pulley assembly in stock from critical spare parts list
AFTER: Customer had a complete pulley assembly cataloged and stocked in their warehouse as a critical spare. Otherwise the lead time on a new pulley assembly would be 20-25 business days to ship. Due to planning ahead, the customer was up and running again in eight hours.

Once the parts list is complete, you can compare it to what you already have in stock and preorder if necessary. This will prevent delivery delays during supply chain shortages, high expedited costs, and long wait times for custom-fabricated conveyance parts. 

Begin a Stocking Program

Keeping critical conveyance parts in stock can capture save tens of thousands of dollars per year. In the absence of crises, these funds no longer must be used for expedited manufacturing and overnight or express shipping. Additionally, tens of thousands of dollars can be saved by reducing employee and contractor overtime, as well as the hours worked double-time to clean the equipment area and install replacement parts during a major failure.

The best action for implementing this program is to use your reliability engineers, preventive maintenance team and vendor specialists.

Maintenance departments can use the stocking program to proactively identify parts near their end of life. Those parts can then to be changed during the next planned (or unplanned) shutdown. In addition to the cost savings captured through this program, manufacturers can see large uptime increases due to less unplanned downtime throughout the plant. With parts on the shelf, manufacturers can surpass their production quotas, earn increased profits and further returns on investment.

Developing a critical spare parts list and a comprehensive stocking program may seem like a large venture upfront. However, the ROI speaks volumes when all is said and done.

Conveyance Parts from Fulfillment Centers

Motion Fulfillment Center

Thanks to the extensive inventory at Motion Fulfillment Centers, Mi Conveyance Solutions has helped several customers out of tight spots. Our expansive North American network maintains a sufficient inventory to supply a component in one or two days. However, there are times when a part is required immediately, and we do our best to get you what you need, when you need it.

The unique times that have led to current supply chain challenges can harm your plant or manufacturing facility. Whether you need help creating a critical spare parts list or developing a stocking program, Mi Conveyance Solutions has nationwide belt specialists ready to complete a plant survey and field service crews available 24/7/365.

Belt specialist surveys plant

Want to Schedule a Plant Survey?

Completing a conveyor belt survey can:
  • Streamline ordering
  • Identify solutions to issues
  • Generate cost savings
Contact us today to request a visit from a belt specialist, or review our case studies to see cost saving examples.
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