Road construction requires quality belting designed to meet rigorous applications under demanding conditions. Work with the leader in road milling belts and avoid downtime.

There are more than 4 million miles of road in the United States, making road construction a continuous job. Road milling machines take the brunt of the workload during these projects. Because belting is critical to the operation, road crews need belts that can stand up to extremely harsh conditions. Mi Conveyance Solutions’ Road-Away™ belts are designed to provide the superior performance needed by road crews and companies.

Road-Away road milling belt inventory
Road-Away road milling belt inventory

Mi Conveyance Solutions is the market leader in milling belt production. We produce fully molded milling belts for the top OEMs in the United States. Our Road-Away belts are made with high-strength, rip and abrasion-resistant components that are engineered to withstand the impact of this abusive application while also transporting materials as efficiently as possible. With a single-piece, molded cleat our belt eliminates the danger of cleat separation from belt covers. Plus, we keep a large inventory of many popular Road-Away belt styles on-hand for immediate shipment.

Our fully molded cleat pattern offering is available in three varieties: U, V, and Y – all ranging from 16″ to 32″ wide. The 1-1/4″ Y-cleat offers the ultimate in carrying capacity because it provides better distribution of material on the carrying side. These belts operate smoother and quieter than competing belts because of their center stabilizing bar. Additionally the wide base of the cleats gives them outstanding bond strength and durability. Not only do our rubber compounds and cleats create an improved performance, but Mi’s advanced endless splicing techniques provide the ultimate strength, flexibility, and functionality to withstand the severity of high speeds and small pulley diameters. These belts are also available with Megalloy fasteners when belts need to be replaced quickly.

Road-Away cleat patterns
Road-Away molded cleat patterns

Road Milling Belt Sizes

Mi Conveyance Solutions offers a wide variety of belt styles compatible for all major OEM models of road milling machines:

  • Primary/Pick-Up Belts: 31.5″ to 60″ wide; 15′ to 32′ long
  • Secondary/Discharge Belts: 24″ to 54″ wide; 48′ to 58′ long

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