Car manufacturers need a dependable partner immersed in innovation. That's why we'll work with you to create customized solutions geared to your unique application and constantly changing landscape, while sourcing our materials from the best in the industry.

Hose & Accessories

Whether you need pneumatic tubing or hydraulic hoses, Mi Conveyance Solutions has the hose and tubing to keep your automotive assembly lines moving and your automated robots working. With the best supplier partners in the industry – Gates, Eaton, Synflex, Kuriyama, and SMC – we've got you covered with a variety of hose construction materials available from rubber to thermoplastic.

Gaskets & Seals

From rubber pads and bellows to gaskets and seals used during the manufacturing process, Mi Conveyance Solutions has the OEM and MRO automotive industry expertise. Whether you need a standard rubber part, or something more customized and unique, we've got the fabrication capabilities to keep your spray booth sealed and assembly line moving.

Automotive RESOURCES 


Braided & Spiral Hydraulic Hoses

Used in many industrial applications to meet specific needs whether it's drive motors or cylinder lifts. All backed by the best in the industry: Gates, Eaton, and Synflex.

Extruded Rubber Parts

Choose from a vast selection of extrusion die profiles, or we can rapidly create one for quick production. Commonly used parts in this industry are Y-shaped rubber bumpers and fenders.

Gaskets & O-Rings

Available in a wide variety of materials to match your specific application and can be custom cut to exact sizing.

Pneumatic Tubing

Tubing used in pneumatic supply lines to cylinders, valves, and other air systems. Available from Nycoil, SMC, and Gates with a variety of constructions like nylon, polypropylene, and urethane.
Push-On/Lock-On Air Hose & Fittings

Push-On/Lock-On Air Hose & Fittings

Push-on hose – from Gates or Eaton – and fittings are used primarily in air and some low-pressure hydraulic applications. They quickly connect or disconnect for ease of use.

Reelcraft Air/Water Hose Reels

Industrial, spring-driven reels used throughout plants and shops to enhance cleanliness, productivity, and safety. Reels are all-steel construction and are compact for applications with critical space requirements.

Rubber Scratch Protection Runners for Assembly Lines