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Conveyor Belting

Mi Conveyance Solutions offers a wide range of lightweight belting to meet the needs of the various applications for building materials. From OSB (oriented strand board) and plywood production, to gypsum board and insulation, to asphalt shingle production and more. Our experienced technicians can build you a custom conveyor solution fabricated with cleats and V-guides, a longitudinal splice, or Durowall™ sidewalls. Whatever your unique application calls for, we'll partner with you to create what you need.
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Hose & Accessories

Whether it's bulk commodity hose moving abrasive shingle components from trailer to silo, ducting hose that quickly clears sawdust from the air, or chemical and hydraulic hoses, Mi Conveyance Solutions has the hose and fitting types and sizes required to get the job done. Plus, we'll test to whatever safety requirements you need to ensure safety facility operations.
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Gaskets & Seals

Gasket and sealing solutions that are resistant to chemicals, oil, weather, and high temperatures are a must in building material manufacturing. Whether your application calls for a standard or custom solution, Mi Conveyance Solutions can fabricate what you need. From gaskets and O-rings, to cut pads and T-strips, to bumpers, grommets, vibration pads, flanges, expansion joints, and more – we've got you covered.
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Resources - Building Materials Manufacturing solutions

Case Study: Shingle Line Production

An East Coast-based building materials manufacturer, with revenues of over $3 billion, was looking to improve common belting issues in their shingle production facilities throughout the US. Roofing plants commonly struggle with losing belts due to mechanical fastener failure. In most cases, the belt carcasses remain intact; failure results from shingle grit wearing out the bottom of the mechanical fastener plate that runs across the slider bed.

Conveyance Solutions Capabilities Brochure
Conveyance Solutions Capabilities Brochure

Every day you depend on conveyor belting, hose, gaskets, and seals to keep business moving forward. Learn more about our conveyance solutions, capabilities and services.

Flyer: Gasket, Sealing and Cut Part Capabilities

Offering complete design capabilities to engineer and cut the most exotic parts out of almost any material required.

Longitudinal Splicing Flyer
Flyer: Longitudinal Splicing Capabilities

Any belt width is possible with our new, state-of-the-art press. Splice a belt to any width with reliable, high-quality results.

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