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Conveyor Belting

At every stage of food processing, whether protein, produce or baked goods, Mi Conveyance Solutions has lightweight belting choices for moving, inspecting, transferring, or sorting. Our wide offering includes thermoplastic belting, Volta homogeneous belting, and conventional rubber – all available with a variety of covers: smooth, textured, or profiled. Every belt meets USDA or FDA food requirements and are quality made to exact specifications. Whether your application needs to resist high temperatures, provide high release, withstand high oil content, operate on small pulleys, meet hygienic design requirements, offer chemical resistance for sanitizing agents, or navigate steep inclines/declines, we've got the technical expertise to get you the right belt for your food-safe challenge. Plus, our advanced fabrication capabilities allow us to produce Durowall™ sidewall conveyors, non-fray belts, and other unique solutions.
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Hose & Accessories

Stringent guidelines for food and beverage processing require the right design when selecting the right hose to do the job. Mi Conveyance Solutions hose assemblies meet or exceed food suitability requirements for FDA, USDA, 3A, or E3A, and are fabricated for product transfer (oil-based, dry, and others), cleaning, and many more fluid and dry ingredient transfer applications.
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Gaskets & Seals

At Mi Conveyance Solutions, our gasket and sealing specialists understand the intricacies of working within food and beverage processing needs. That's why we offer solutions that meet the criteria and trackability of FDA, USDA, 3A Dairy, and NSF/ANSI 61. With many opportunities available – bruise control pads, tabletops, doors, oven and tank gaskets, floating lids, O-rings, skirting and scrapers, vulcanized boots/sleeves, chute and hopper lining, and many other custom food processing applications – we stand ready with a wide variety of standard and specialty materials and compounds up to the challenge.

Resources - Food & Beverage solutions

Candy Lightweight Food-Belt Video Still
Chocolate Candy Lightweight Food Belt

Chocolate candy moving on white light duty, food-grade conveyor belt.

Food industry lightweight conveyor belt
Cookie Batter on Blue Food Belt

Moving and processing in the food and beverage industry is a precise operation with no room for contamination, breakdowns, or rough handling.

lightweight conveyor belting for food industry and produce
Green Beans on Blue Food Belt

Moving and processing in the food and beverage industry is a precise operation with no room for contamination, breakdowns, or rough handling.

Conveyance Solutions Capabilities Brochure
Conveyance Solutions Capabilities Brochure

Every day you depend on conveyor belting, hose, gaskets and seals to keep business moving forward. Learn more about our conveyance solutions, capabilities and services.

National Baking Facility Case Study

See how we helped a national baking facility consolidate vendors and reduce costs.

Volta Food Belting Flyer
Volta Food Belting Flyer

The food handling industry’s needs are broad, and their requirements stringent. Volta’s homogeneous line of belting is up to the challenge.

Volta Positive Drive Flyer
Volta Positive Drive Belting Flyer

Volta positive drive belts offer solutions to support a variety of food handling applications.

Custom Urethane Products Capabilities Flyer

Products created with polyurethane are stronger, tougher, and more durable than those made from conventional elastomers and plastics.

STAMPED Hose Selection Worksheet

Select the best hose for your application with this easy to use worksheet.

HF Welded Flyer
HF Welded Profiles Flyer

When you need a bond with high dependability and strength, HF welding provides a consistent solution with longer life – saving time and money.

Gasket, Sealing and Cut Part Capabilities Flyer

Offering complete design capabilities to engineer and cut the most exotic parts out of almost any material required.

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