To work in harsh marine environments, you need products designed to withstand the elements and keep on working. Mi Conveyance Solutions has the expertise and product capabilities to keep your dock and vessel equipment running whether at port or sea.

Conveyor Belting

Mi Conveyance Solutions offers a wide range of heavyweight belting for moving material and resources from land to sea. Whether you need a Durowall™ belt for unloading and loading a ship at port, or a cleated belt for dredging panning sand for a new sea freight terminal, we'll work with you to custom fabricate the belt you need to meet your application requirements.

Hose & Accessories

When you're looking for tough hoses that will work in marine environments, we've got you covered. Our hose products are heavy-duty to withstand the harshest outdoor applications. You can count on us to deliver the kind of quality you demand to get the work done wherever your application requires – in fueling, hydraulics, dredge suction/discharge, and more.

Gaskets & Seals

Our sealing solutions are custom-created for a wide range of marine applications. From bumpers and covers to ball joint gaskets and customized O-rings, to custom seal assemblies for barges, dredges, cofferdams, and caissons, Mi Conveyance Solutions' capabilities are vast, and our expertise is rich. Need rubber material in a sheet, roll, or custom fabrication to your print specifications? We can do that too!



Braided & Spiral Hydraulic Hoses

Used in many industrial applications to meet specific needs whether it's drive motors or cylinder lifts. All backed by the best in the industry: Gates, Eaton, and Synflex.

Extruded Rubber Parts

Choose from a vast selection of extrusion die profiles, or we can rapidly create one for quick production. Commonly used parts in this industry are Y-shaped rubber bumpers and fenders.
Flexaust & Kuriyama Ducting Hoses

Flexaust & Kuriyama Ducting Hoses

Ducting used for fume, dust, and air removal. We have various ducting materials options from fabric to PVC, as well as urethane for specific applications. Static wires available.

Gaskets & O-Rings

Available in a wide variety of materials to match your specific application and can be custom cut to exact sizing.

Rubber Water & Air

Water hoses are ideal for water cooling or general washdown, while air hoses are commonly used to power pneumatic equipment or to blow dust from products. Color coding available to safely call out what's being conveyed or for general application.
#4156: Interwoven 120# Polyester Red Urethane Cover x Brushed

#4156: Interwoven 120# Polyester Red Urethane Cover x Brushed

This premium, all-urethane belt is a standard in many stamping operations. Highly recommended for abrasive jobs.

#4301: 2-Ply 150# Black SBR Roughtop x Bare

Popular standard roughtop belt that can be used as pulley lagging. Features a nonskid hemp roughtop surface that enables products to be conveyed on inclines and declines.

#4307: 3-Ply 150# Polyester Blue Carboxylated Nitrile Roughtop x Friction

Carboxylated nitrile roughtop provides superior service with longer wear and better cut/gouge resistance. Excellent abrasion-resistant properties.

#4378: 1-Ply 150# Plastic Mesh ZipLink Blue Carboxylated Nitrile Roughtop x Bare

CThe ZipLink spiral design provides longer service life by eliminating failures common to mechanical lace. The roughtop cover offers excellent cut, abrasion, and oil resistance for tough applications like plate glass plants and metal stamping.

#5045: Interwoven 120# Polyester Black PVC Cover x Brushed

Popular choice and a proven performer in a wide variety of applications. This belt is tough, dependable, and economical.
Shingle line production

Shingle Line Production

Reach out to the team to learn more about our shingle line production capabilities.

Field Services

Available 24/7/365, our field service specialists offer repair and maintenance as well as full-service, turn-key conveyor belt installation and vulcanization.