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Motion Conveyance Solutions specializes in providing Durowall™ sidewall belting for the steel industry. Our cross-rigid base belt, corrugated sidewall, and cleats are perfectly suited to stand up to the steel mill's demand. 

The cross-rigid belt is specifically designed to provide lateral stiffness and eliminate belt bowing and cupping at directional change points on the conveyor and is produced exclusively for Motion Conveyance Solutions by Fenner Dunlop.

The corrugated sidewalls provide excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance while the cleats are designed for steep inclines and high tonnage.

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Motion Conveyance Solutions product, Durowall sidewall belts

Durowall Sidewall Belts

Our corrugated Durowall sidewall belts are fabricated for steep-angle, vertical conveyor applications up to and including 90°.
Motion Conveyance Solutions product, Fenner Dunlop Delta Heat 2.0 belting

Fenner Dunlop Delta Heat 2.0 Belting

Delta Heat 2.0 is Fenner's premium cover compound that resists cracking, hardening, abrasion, tearing and flexing. Delta Heat is ideal for applications with prolonged exposure to hot payloads and abrasives. Get a quote.
Motion Conveyance Solutions product, Fenner Dunlop DynaFlight™ steel cable belting

Fenner Dunlop DynaFlight™ Steel Cable Belting

DynaFlight is manufactured with specially designed and coated cables to maximize product adhesion and minimize corrosion. Ideally suited for high-tension, low-stretch applications such as overland and slope conveying systems. Get a quote.
Motion Conveyance Solutions product, Fenner Dunlop Plylok belting

Fenner Dunlop Plylok® Belting

Fenner's Plylok Group is ideal when you need high tension ratings. Includes the Plylok Supreme line with high impact and tear resistance for extreme use, and the Plylok Master line with its multi-ply construction for general purpose use. Get a quote.
Motion Conveyance Solutions product, Fenner Dunlop X series belting

Fenner Dunlop X Series® Belting

Fenner's X Series belts feature a straight warp and patented dual crimp weave that is stronger and more secure than standard plied belts. Includes UsFlex®, Nova-X®, and PatriotX®. Get a quote.
Motion Conveyance Solutions product, #43A: 3-Ply 330# 1/4 x 1/16 700° Super-Heat

#43A: 3-Ply 330# 1/4 x 1/16 700° Super-Heat

Premium belt for higher temperature requirements. Popular in foundry applications. 1/4" top cover provides impact resistance and added carcass protection. Will withstand spikes up to 700°F. Read more.
Motion Conveyance Solutions product, Field Services

Field Services

Our heavyweight field service specialists offer repair and maintenance services as well as full-service, turn-key conveyor belt installation and vulcanization. MSHA certified and available 24/7/365. Learn more.

Custom Rubber Chevron-Cleated Belting

Chevron cleats are oil- and heat-resistant and available in standard SBR and Grade 1 compounds with high-tensile strength and excellent elongation values for ultimate performance.