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Large retailers and e-commerce providers sell thousands of products every day, that is why their distribution centers have become the foundation of their supply network. This allows a company to stock a wide variety of products and efficiently ship them directly to customer homes or back out to individual retail store locations. Mi’s products and services have evolved to keep up with the changing needs in today’s package handling applications.


Many OEM part numbers have been identified, cataloged and priced in Motion’s system by description and part numbers.


Local Mi branches have the ability to stock mutually agreed upon, critical spares for 1-day delivery.


With over 20 belt shops nationwide, Mi is able to serve you with quick, accurate and long-lasting solutions.

Products & Services

Conveyor Belting

Packages and totes that move on automated conveyors throughout a distribution facility all have one major thing in common – they are likely moved with a conveyor belt. Each application is unique, requiring precision measurements and accurate, durable splice. Mi Conveyance Solutions scrutinizes the details of every belt, right down to the composition and proper pin selection. From live roller and incline conveyors to merge-and-divert conveyors, we understand the need and complexity each application requires to ensure maximum life and product performance.

Learn more about our lightweight belting »
Learn more about our RedDrive® 45 and RedDrive® 77 belting »
LED Tower Lighting Solutions

LED Tower Lighting Solutions

  • Self-contained, manually operated tower light
  • Red, Green, Blue Modular segments with optional audible alarm on 50 inch pole, with mounted switch box
  • A/C plug in power supply with D/C power to tower light for Associate safety
  • Replacement LED segments are programmable RGB for reduced stocking requirements
Aero 325 Press for cooking conveyor belts

Roller Conveyor Solutions

RedDrive® Belting Solution
  • RedDrive® 45
  • RedDrive® 77
  • NDX Belt Cutter
  • Aero 325 Belt Press
Learn more about our RedDrive® 45 and RedDrive® 77 belting »

Timken Super Arc Belts
  • Clutching Cover for Improved Performance
  • Driven conveyor diverter and powered corner section belts
  • OEM conversion for added Reliability

Dematic Motor Driven Roller Repair (MDR) Program

O-ring (Roller Drive Belts) replacements for live roller conveyors.
OEM Replacements Factory

OEM Replacements

  • Dodge Bearings and Gear Boxes
  • Baldor Motors
  • Sumitomo Reducers
  • Gates Polychain Drive Belts

Related Products & Services

Resources - DC Solutions Team solutions

RedDrive® 45 Training Video
RedDrive® 45 Training Video

Say goodbye to the blue belt with RedDrive 45. With increased strength and a more rigid surface, RedDrive 45 boasts a 30% longer life for the same application as the blue drive belt. This improved belt can be spliced with existing equipment or equipped with a 120 mm long splice for ease of installation to meet all your needs.

RedDrive® 77 Training Video Cover Image
RedDrive® 77 Training Video

Introducing RedDrive 75. Kevlar™ technology, combined with a durable TPU compound, delivers a more robust, lighter belt. Exclusive to Mi, this belt splices easily, is less noisy, and is 30-40% more durable than the OEM product. RedDrive 75 is a quality belt that will keep you up and running longer.

Conveyance Solutions Capabilities Brochure
Conveyance Solutions Capabilities Brochure

Every day you depend on conveyor belting, hose, gaskets and seals to keep business moving forward. Learn more about our conveyance solutions, capabilities and services.

Splicing and Productivity Cart Flyer
Flexco® Workstation and Productivity Pack Flyer

Exclusively sold by Motion, the Flexco Workstation and Productivity Pack brings a storage center, workstation and cart together under one part number.

RedDrive Belting Flyer
RedDrive® 45 and 77 Flyer

Learn how our exclusive RedDrive® belt and splicing system increases uptime and reduces splicing time by up to 70%.

RedDrive Aero Press Power Alter Solution Case Study
RedDrive® Aero Press Power Alert Solutions Case Study

Learn how Mi Conveyance Solutions solved a customer's Aero 325 press slow heat alert.

Large Distribution Center Case Study

See how we solved a conveyor belt lead time issue and shortened downtime for a large distribution center.

Package Handling Merge Belt Case Study

See how we solved a grip strip bonding issue for a distribution center merge belt.

Soft Splice Flyer

Soft Splice saves you time and money when compared to other optical sorting machine options.

Conveyor belt training flyer
Conveyor Belt Training Flyer

Join Mi Conveyance Solutions for a two-hour session of hands-on training: Belting 101, Belt Splicing, RedDrive® Splice and more!

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