Innovative Material Handling

Proven over four decades, our exclusive heavyweight Durowall sidewall sizing program engineers belts for any system.

Mills, smelters and foundries have been proving grounds for our heavyweight Durowall belts, with the thousands of corrugated sidewall belts in use today as evidence they work hard and tough. Supported by experienced and skilled teams – including manufacturing, engineering, field services, product specialists and a nationwide salesforce – we work with customers to find the right solutions for their heavy-duty applications.

Popular heavyweight sidewall conveyor belt applications include:


Fabrication Options

Cross-Rigid Base Belting

Belting components for lightweight are attached to base belts by hot air, high frequency (HF) welding, conventionally, or hot bonded for rubber components. The base belts are engineered to provide the features needed for maximum performance — transverse stiffness prevents bowing at conveyor transition/change of direction points, while also remaining flexible in the longitudinal direction to negotiate small pulleys.

Corrugated Sidewall

Polyurethane corrugated sidewalls are available for food-grade requirements, and provide consistent dependability. Black rubber sidewalls are used when more durability is needed or in applications that require a more robust construction.


Cleats are used to convey materials up an incline or prevent product rollback, as well as to create separation between the product or material being conveyed. Other names for cleats include: flights, lugs, and profiles. We have the cleat styles and patterns to fit your application, available in many sizes, styles, and colors. For lightweight belting, this includes the following cleat options:

Whether your corrugated sidewall project is new or existing, horizontal or vertical, Motion Conveyance Solutions will find the right combination of sidewall, cleats, and belting needed for your application. We offer two types of sidewall belting: conventional and hot vulcanized.

Hot Bonded