Cleaner, Stronger Bond

HF welding in action

High-frequency (HF) welded profiles are created when combining heat with advanced technological features to optimize productivity. The result? Quality, custom products designed to solve your application challenges.

This unique welding process:

  • Creates a strong, consistent bond between two polymers
  • Can be used on any thermoplastic belt
  • Helps ensure food safety
  • Protects from bacterial contamination
  • Prevents cleat and sidewall separation from the base belt

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The HF welded process is ideal in the following conveying applications:

Corn chips on food belt with durowall

  • Food handling
  • Small parts
  • Metals
  • Plastics



HF welded fabricated samples
  • Stronger bond than traditional welding methods
  • Precise cleat placement
  • Longer service life
  • Narrow base widths wrap smaller pulleys
  • Various cleat sizes and thickness available
  • Quick and easy cleaning

Resources - HF Welded Profiles solutions

HF Welded Flyer
HF Welded Profiles Flyer

When you need a bond with high dependability and strength, HF welding provides a consistent solution with longer life – saving time and money.

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Conveyance Solutions Capabilities Brochure

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