Upgrade Your Belt-Driven Roller Conveyors

RedDrive belt running underneath rollers

We understand belt failure happens. Designed to optimize uptime, Mi’s exclusive RedDrive® belt and splicing system changes everything.

When downtime minutes count, Mi Conveyance Solutions offers a belt-driven roller conveyor belt that delivers longer life and a dramatically improved splicing process.

You’ll be up and running again in 80% less time when you partner with us.

Popular RedDrive® conveyor belt applications include:

  • Distribution centers
  • Warehouses
  • Fulfillment centers
  • Cross-dock facilities
  • Delivery centers

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Better. Faster. Stronger.

RedDrive® 45

RedDrive® 45RedDrive 45 was developed to replace the commonly used blue belt. With increased strength and a harder surface, RedDrive 45 boasts a 30% longer life for the same application as the blue drive belt. Our improved belt can be spliced with existing equipment or can be equipped with a 120 mm long splice for ease of installation.
  • Improved design of the blue drive belt
  • Fabric material reduces fray and overall stringing in mistracking issues
  • Lower-durometer TPU provides more flexibility to last longer
  • Lower-durometer TPU increases the grip on the drive and roller and reduces overall drive tension
  • Comes in easy-to-manage rolls of 656 ft.
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RedDrive 77

RedDrive® 77

RedDrive® 77Kevlar™ technology, combined with a more durable TPU compound delivers a stronger, lighter belt. Exclusive to Mi, this belt delivers an easier splice, is less noisy and is 30-40% more durable than the OEM product.
  • Built to improve the OEM design
  • Combines an improved Cord technology with a more durable TPU compound
  • Delivers a 10-15% stronger belt
  • Requires 25% less tension to drive
  • Lighter construction reduces roller noise
  • Results in an increased splice strength by 30-40% when used with system belt cutter and press
  • Comes in an easy-to-use spool of 1200 ft.
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NDX Cutter with Finger Splice

NDX Belt Cutter

The preparation of belt ends are a critical part of the splicing step. This process is made easy by using Flexco's NDX cutters.
  • Delivers precision with every cut
  • Fully automatic indexing for easy and accurate preparation
  • Automatically moves forward with every crank of the handle
  • Prepare belt ends in 3-5 minutes
  • Results in a clean, uniform and precision finger, ensuring splice success
  • Available in two styles to match the correct belt for an optimized splice length
RedDrive Aero Press Demo

Aero 325 Belt Press

Splicing belts for a roller-driven conveyor creates a greater challenge than conventional conveyor belting applications. However, the Flexco® Aero 325 press greatly improves finger splicing with its automated design.
  • Arrives pre-programmed to cook belts
  • Eliminates setup and enhances splice results
  • Runs on 110 V power
  • Quickly cycles up to temperature
  • Cooled by air
  • Reduces splice times by over 70-75%
  • 17-22 minute cycle time for RedDrive® 45 press
  • 18-22 minute cycle time for RedDrive 77® press

Run into a slow heat alert? Check out 2 Ways to Fix the Slow Heat Alert on Your Aero 325 Press to make sure you're using the right extension cord and power cord to run your press.

The Complete Solution

RedDrive Installation
  • Increased belt life
  • 10–15% stronger belt
  • 25% less tension drive
  • 70% reduced splicing time
  • Increased splice strength by 30–40%
  • RedDrive® splice training
  • Up and running in 80% less time
  • 15% more competitive than OEM product
  • Cut and prepared same as existing material

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