Get maximum operation from your Mi Conveyance Solutions™ or Flexco® Aero 325 press with the proper power solution.

RedDrive belt running underneath rollers

Any way to decrease downtime and get your roller-driven conveyor system moving again is critical to your distribution center or fulfillment center’s success. That’s where Mi Conveyance Solutions comes in, with our exclusive RedDrive® belt and splicing system that reduces splicing time by up to 70%. But, as one customer discovered, having the proper equipment isn’t limited to the belting material and press – the proper power cords and receptacles make a world of difference too!


The problem occurred when the customer plugged in their Aero press and began cooking their RedDrive belt. Within minutes the press started beeping, displayed an amber light, and flashed a “Heating up slow” alert.

If this slow heat alert error message appears while your press is in operation, it means:

  1. You’re not using the proper extension cord
  2. You may need a higher-amped power cord

Did you know? Using a 20-amp power cord provides a stronger, cleaner power and decreases cycle time by up to an additional 20%.

Solution 1: USe the right extension cord for higher-quality power

After looking into the issue, Mi Conveyance Solutions determined that the extension cord was not properly heating the press. The good news was that the press completed the full cooking cycle but took longer. In one test, a small 16-gauge extension cord caused the cook cycle to go from 18 to 25 minutes. The more power was split or constrained, the more likely the press recognized the cycle as too long and alerted the user.

Mi Conveyance Solutions recommends using a 10- to 12-gauge, 16-amp extension cord. Testing a 50′, 12-gauge and a 100′, 10-gauge extension cord provides the best options. However, keep in mind that the longer the cord, the more power might be impacted.

solution 2: Increase the AMP of your power cord

The Mi Conveyance Solutions Aero press comes standard with a 110-volt, 15-amp power cord. A 110-volt, 20-amp power cord works with any press provided by Mi Conveyance Solutions and provides an even quicker splice time. Note: your 110-volt power outlet must be capable of 20-amp service.

Here’s how to achieve a quicker splice:

  1. Plug the 20-amp power cord directly into the 20-amp receptacle
  2. Purchase a strong 20-amp extension cord, but keep it as close to the power source as possible


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