LEARN ABOUT OUR Custom rubber chevron-cleated belting

Motion Conveyance Solutions is the industry leader in producing and fabricating custom chevron belts for bulk conveying. Chevron cleats are popular in demanding applications, such as aggregate conveying and tub grinders in the recycling industry. They are oil- and heat-resistant and available in standard SBR and Grade 1 compounds with high-tensile strength and excellent elongation values for ultimate performance. Our chevron cleats provide quick pick-up and product movement from chutes and material transfer points—but every application is unique.

That’s why Motion Conveyance Solutions can customize your belt, considering factors like size, shape, weight and moisture content. We have over 150 patterns available. That means whatever your challenge, we can fabricate a belt that works.


Custom Chevron Cleats

Motion Conveyance Solutions’ custom chevron cleats typically range from 1/4" to 2" high and are designed for incline angles from 15 to 35°, depending on the material conveyed. Their primary function is to prevent product rollback.

Rubber chevron-cleated belts can operate on traditional troughing idlers, flat idlers and metal beds/pans.

We strongly recommend having cleats indented from the belt edges to allow for proper skirtboard rubber placement, which directs the material toward the center of the conveyor belt. Many factory-made molded chevron belts do not provide sufficient recess to accommodate skirting, resulting in spillage and housecleaning issues, particularly at the loading areas.

Chevron Designs

Motion Conveyance Solutions offers two basic chevron patterns: open-V and closed-V. We recommend a “nested” configuration where the edges of the pattern overlap. The open-V pattern allows for liquid drainage through the bottom, while the closed-V provides additional carrying capacity. When either design is nested, the cleats are in constant contact with return idlers to allow for a smooth transition on the return. When a pattern is not nested, belt bouncing can occur, which leads to premature cleat failure and belt tracking issues.

In addition to standard chevron cleats, Motion Conveyance Solutions also offers U-shaped and herringbone-style cleats. U-shaped cleats are normally provided at close-center distances for smaller materials and fines. Herringbone cleats are popular for larger and non-uniform-size material.

 We have more than 150 different chevron patterns ready to customize to your specific application needs. Below are some of our most popular designs:


Steep Climber™ Cleat Patterns

Motion Conveyance Solutions’ Steep Climber hot vulcanized rubber cleats are specifically designed for the larger materials and steeper incline angles used in troughing systems. This versatile and durable cleat pattern comes in four widths: 13", 17", 21", and 27". Cleats are spaced at 10" to ensure smooth running on return idlers.