Hose Products


At Motion Conveyance Solutions, we offer a wide range of hose assemblies and capabilities to suit your specific needs. Our team of experts can work with you to design and fabricate custom hose assemblies that are tailored to your application and industry. We have the expertise to handle a variety of materials, including rubber, plastic, metal, and more. Our state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous testing protocols ensure that our hose assemblies meet the highest standards for quality and performance. Whether you need a standard hose assembly or a complex custom solution, we have the capabilities to deliver the right product for your application.


Motion Conveyance Solutions is your go-to partner for all your industrial and metal hose needs. Whether you require a standard length or a customized assembly, our team of experts can help you select and fabricate the perfect solution for your specific application. We source our products only from top industry suppliers like Gates, Hose Master, Flexaust, and Eaton to ensure that we deliver the highest-quality products to you.


Our products perform under pressure — so do we. Our technicians are trained to NAHAD guidelines and follow vendor-certified processes, and our production facilities maintain ISO certification. This allows us to consistently deliver the highest quality hoses customized to your specific application.

Hose Assemblies

We are up for a challenge! Give us your toughest application and we will prove to you that our Motion Conveyance Solutions hoses are fabricated, tested, and proven to meet your specifications. We understand that the key to a quality hose is its performance in demanding applications such as oil and gas, chemical processing, food and beverage, and more. That's why we collaborate with our customers to assess their requirements and identify the appropriate hose product for their specific use case. This not only guarantees customer satisfaction but also ensures safety and proper application.

Hose Accessories

At Motion Conveyance Solutions, we believe that selecting the right hose and fitting combination is essential to minimize downtime and increase the lifespan of your equipment. Our team of experts possesses the technical knowledge and product expertise required to ensure seamless connections and proper installation of your system. We are committed to being your partner throughout the process, helping you choose the ideal hose and components to go with it.


Proper hose fabrication and utilization are critical for safe facility and operating environments. That’s why Motion Conveyance Solutions adheres to stringent in-house quality and testing procedures, while also receiving industry-standard safety certifications for our employees and shops. When you need a reliable partner, who goes the extra mile while keeping your safety and needs in mind, you can count on Motion Conveyance Solutions.


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