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Packages and totes that move on automated conveyors throughout a distribution facility all have one major thing in common – they are likely moved with a conveyor belt. Each application is unique, requiring precision measurements and accurate, durable splice. Mi Conveyance Solutions scrutinizes the details of every belt, right down to the composition and proper pin selection. From live roller and incline conveyors to merge-and-divert conveyors, we understand the need and complexity each application requires to ensure maximum life and product performance.
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Conveyance Solutions Capabilities Brochure
Conveyance Solutions Capabilities Brochure

Every day you depend on conveyor belting, hose, gaskets, and seals to keep business moving forward. Learn more about our conveyance solutions, capabilities and services.

Large Distribution Center Brochure

When there is product on the move, you need something reliable that will stand up to long run times. Whether you’re moving paper-based containers or something more durable like plastic, Mi Conveyance Solutions Group has the conveying products you need.

Case Study: Large Distribution Center

When a large distribution facility needs a new conveyor belt, it can take two to four weeks of lead time before their order arrives from the original equipment manufacturer. This extended lead time not only makes it difficult for facility managers to plan scheduled replacements, it requires more inventory and puts their facility in jeopardy of costly downtime after unexpected belt failures.

RedDrive Belting Flyer
Flyer: RedDrive® 45 and 77

Learn more about how our exclusive RedDrive® belt and splicing system increases uptime and reduces splicing time by up to 80%.

Case Study: Package Handling Merge Belt

With thousands of boxes needing to be routed to various places, a national e-commerce and package distributor uses merge belts to direct packages where to go. Several issues, including an improperly bonded grip strip, caused the original equipment manufacturer’s belt to fail and the customer to experience costly downtime. That’s when the customer’s reliability team partnered with Mi Conveyance Solutions to deliver a solution that would properly bond the grip strip to the cover of the conveyor belt.

Flyer: Soft Splice

Soft Splice saves you time and money when compared to other optical sorting machine options.

Conveyor belt training flyer
Flyer: Conveyor Belt Training

Join Mi Conveyance Solutions for a two-hour session of hands-on training: Belting 101, Belt Splicing, RedDrive® Splice and more!

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