Package Handling



When there's product on the move, you need something reliable that will stand up to long runtimes. Whether you're moving paper-based containers or something more durable like plastic, Mi Conveyance Solutions has the conveyor products you need.

Conveyor Belting

Packages and totes that move on automated conveyors throughout a distribution facility all have one major thing in common – they are likely moved with a conveyor belt. Each application is unique, requiring precision measurements and accurate, durable splice. Mi Conveyance Solutions scrutinizes the details of every belt, right down to the composition and proper pin selection. From live roller and incline conveyors to merge-and-divert conveyors, we understand the need and complexity each application requires to ensure maximum life and product performance. 

Workstations With Productivity Packs

By combining all the tools and accessories you need onto one cart, Mi's exclusive Workstations with Productivity Packs provide a time savings of over 75% and an estimated $100k cost savings per year.


Splicing a conveyor belt can be a challenge. You must gather the needed tools, often stored in many places, and make multiple trips to your equipment - all before starting the splice. That's why Mi Conveyance Solutions partnered with Flexco to offer an all-in-one solution. Now you have an ergonomic purpose - build platform to perform all your fabrication from, a mix of improved fatigue reducing equipment to do the work with, and 5S Principle workstation to store all the equipment on. Today you can now bring your belt to the workstation for the best results possible.


Exclusively sold by Motion, the Flexco workstations with productivity packs bring a workstation, 5S storage area, and a mobile cart – all under one part number. Available in 36” and 60” sizes, the workstation comes with all the improved splicing tools and accessories required to complete the task, including the gold class roller lacer, light duty cutter, and laser belt square. Everything to complete your conveyor belt splice is now at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it.

Package Handling RESOURCES 

RedDrive 45 product LW Belt

RedDrive® 45 Roller Drive Belt

Developed to replace the blue drive belt while improving upon design. Lower-durometer TPU provides more flexibility and increased grip on drive and roller.
RedDrive 77 LW Belt Product

RedDrive® 77 Roller Drive Belt

Delivers a 10–15% stronger belt and requires 25% less tension drive. Results in an increased splice strength by 30–40% when used with system belt cutter and press.
LWBelt 4328 product

#4328: 2-Ply 100# Polyester Black PVC

Specifically designed for use in large distribution centers and on incline conveyors, this belt has a high-grip top cover with a low-noise fabric bottom. It is static conductive and flame retardant.

#4141: 2-Ply 90# Polyester Black PVC Matte

Features just enough grip to allow clean transfer from conveyor. The whisper weave bottom ply provides exceptional low noise. Ideal for large distribution centers and airports.

#4128: 2-Ply 100# Polyester Monofilament Black PVC Bare

This product is made with a tough, abrasion-resistant, and rigid monofilament carcass. Features a low-noise, pulley side fabric bottom. Ideal for accumulation and diversion.

#4126: 3-Ply 200# Polyester/Nylon Black SBR Bare

This belt is great where applications require products to slide, discharge, or merge on the surface of a belt with a low-friction cover. Especially suitable for use at UPS, FedEx, and airports.

#5210: Interwoven PH 150# Polyester Black PVC Brushed

High-strength, low-stretch belt for moving high volumes and heavy loads in package handling applications. Features a construction focused on accumulation and diverting with very high tensile strength, high rigidity, and excellent fastener retention.